October 13th, 2002

domain issues and a style bug

Update on the dimain bug: I saw on the CVS log that the bug is fixed for the upload form, but i'm still gettin dumped on picpix.com

Oh and on the frame style, the manage link should break out of the frames (target=_top), it currently doesn't. so when I enter the gallery and on the top frame i have an option to manage it, i can't break out of the bottom frame.
  • evan

(no subject)

New Fotobilder/Windows release.

Download setup.exe.

Notable changes:
- on Windows >= 2000, converts to and from UTF-8 so you can use other languages in your gallery names [like this]... support in Win9x pending
- deletes files from the list while uploading (I temporarily removed that while doing something else before, but now I did it properly).
- defaults to pics.livejournal.com when you d0n't specify a server

Possible new bugs:
- Tries to install the correct executable (Unicode / non) based on your OS version, but I don't know what to do about NT4 (or 3.51). Does anyone use NT3.51 anymore?
- There may be Win9x uploading bugs, but those may have always been there. I have a means to test Win9x now, so I will look into this now.

If you have weird usernames, try installing this version, uninstalling, then installing again (or, "advanced" users can delete the FotoBilder registry keys under HKEY_CURRENT_USER).