October 12th, 2002

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my minor problems.

when I upload pictures, why wont the window clear after I upload pictures? like I upload them. and the file names are still there. shouldnt it automatically clear so I dont have to highlight them all then click remove? Shouldnt the remove button just be for when I want to remove a picture before upload? not remove them all after I have uploaded? lol Kind of like the live journal Client for posting entries. when I click post, it goes away. It does not stay so I have to highlight it and delete it so I can make a new post.

also when I close the client. and I re open it. it says logged in as galleries@hanneli, I have to manually change it back to my login name and login again. Ok i understand it should/might log me out. but why does it say galleries@hanneli ?
  • tafkap

Client request


Just out of curiosity I was wondering if there was a plan to combine the LJ and Fotobilder clients at some point?It would be neat for users like me,who post daily with pictures.I could type up an entry,and then open the fotobilder section of the client ,browse the pictures and clicking on the one I want generating the coding for it.kind of like the *make link/image* feature already in the LJ client.

Yes I realise I probably sound like an idiot.

*hangs head in shame*

But we low-end,low tech users can dream....