Milk Bubbles and Beans ™ (tafkap) wrote in fotobilder_user,
Milk Bubbles and Beans ™

Same as eaterofhands,I discovered that color hover only shows the first 25 images,and then the rest of the images are inaccesible unless i go to delete them.I hadnt checked the other styles yet,so I assumed we had a 25 image limit per gallery.

I also got errors while uploading large quantity of images.I was loading 178 images,and 59 went through and then an error occured.I couldnt tell you what it was,because the screen flashed and then it was gone.I tried duplicating it and it did reoccur but the message didnt stay up long enough to read.Im going to try to capture it with Snagit as I create more galleries.Im thinking it may be caused by a sudden change in the size of images uploaded maybe?The final file to be loaded would usually be a large one,something I would use for say...a background.

Additionally,on occasion the client crashes on me.In the middle of an upload I'll get a warning that an error is occuring and then the client shuts down.

Ive also noticed that while I have all my folders in thumbnail mode,the client shows some in thumbnail mode,and others with description,when choosing what files to upload.

I was also wondering if deleting would be a possible option in the client.If not individual photos,at least the deletion of galleries,because I tend to do themes in photos that are only used for a short while,and then replaced by another.It would be nice to remove one,right before you upload another.

Otherwise Im loving it.

Running it on XP pro with IE 6.

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