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A bunch of stuff ...

Security Groups
Wouldn't it be easier to use LJ's 'friend groups' here?

I want to upload images that only a particular friends group can see, but in order to do that, I have to completely recreate the group. Maybe a group on pics.lj.com can contain a friends group from LJ.com?

For instance, I create a group called 'trusted' on pics.lj.com. In addition to adding individual members, I could add entire friends groups.

UPDATE: I also noticed that security can only be set for an image on the 'manage gallery' 'security' tab. Security for an image should probably also be managable on the 'manage picture' page.

On the 'Manage Gallery' page, under the 'pictures' tab, one can easily change the order of the pictures within the gallery.

However, there doesn't appear to be a way to change the order of embedded galleries.

If you view my main gallery page, the child galleries are in no particular order. Basically, I'd like to be able to change their order. It appears to be in order of when the galleries were created.

Unchanging Numbers
I upload a picture to 'unsorted'. I move the image to a gallery. After doing so, the number of pics listed for 'unsorted' does not change. The number goes up when I add an unsorted image, but doesn't go down when I move something out of unsorted. Right now, I have no unsorted images, but it says 5 because I've uploaded 5 images previously that were unsorted.

I probably submitted feedback already for some of this, but I thought I would put it in here for other users to communicate ideas and thoughts.
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