Marathon Runnin' Mama (ladycoreopsis) wrote in fotobilder_user,
Marathon Runnin' Mama

More comments on styles

Hello again! Again, I have a comment on an individual style that is hard to find a place to add on the feedback pages, so I thought I'd direct the comment here. I hope this doesn't seem like a really stupid or nit-picking comment, but here goes.

I think the Vestibule style makes a nice presentation for the pictures I have uploaded. The only thing I am not fond of is viewing this style at Picture level. It looks awesome on my husband's 21 inch monitor and you can see the full image without having to scroll around. However, on my 17-inch monitor, the window where the pictures are displayed is at a locked size, and a scroll bar shows up, so that the viewer has to scroll around the smaller window to see my pictures at their current pixel size. The viewer can never see the picture as a whole with that smaller, inner window at this locked size and with a smaller monitor even when their browser is at the full window size. An example of this effect can be found here: but of course, if you have a 21-inch and max window size, it will look pretty nice for you =)

Could the Vestibule style possibly be changed so that it's more accommodating to smaller monitor sizes? From a quick perusal, it doesn't look like this is a problem in the other styles, with one exception: The Stranded style at picture level shows at a HUGE display size. Again, it looks great on my husband's 21 inch, but on my 17 inch you can only see about 2/3 of the image.

Might there also be a possibility for us to edit the display size of the image at the photo level that I missed? I see that you can edit the thumbnail size, but haven't seen that you can edit the display size of the image at picture level.
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