Brad Whitaker (whitaker) wrote in fotobilder_user,
Brad Whitaker

Beta Update...

The beta is still very small (user-wise) right now, but we're already getting good bug reports from people. Here are some known issues which don't need to be reported:
  • Random 404 errors on galleries, pics, etc. (refresh and it will go away)
  • References to '' in a number of places, including redirections.
Please continue filling out detailed descriptions of problems using the "Provide Feedback for this page" links at the site. As we fix the first wave of bugs and become more confident in basic functionality, we'll be adding more users to the beta group. [Update: Anyone in the current beta testing group for will know because they have been contacted personally by members of the staff in the past 2 days. This community is still for all users of fotobilder, but we're also using it to coordinate the pics.lj beta test while it lasts. Sorry for any confusion.]
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