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Why I won't use ScrapBook for a custom mood theme

I can upload and set a new mood theme in twenty minutes usually, it's a breeze. The thing that takes longest is uploading the image files to the image host - but hey I've a paid account so I can use ScrapBook can't I? So I decided to see how the other half do mood themes and uploaded a whole mood theme to my SB account which was surprisingly painless. There they sat all shiny, so I fired up my custom mood theme cheat sheet and stopped short, looking at the image URLs.

Usually I take my generic text file of the setpic commands and use find-->replace to add the image file URLs, image type, and width+height and then copy and paste the whole thing into the admin console, bingo, mood theme done. With the ScrapBook image file names being completely random my neat system falls down - hel I don't even know which of my image files match which mood any more because all my nicely named .gif files have been stripped of their angry.gif, irate.gif, pissedoff.gif file names (you're getting the picture?) So I opened the custom mood theme editor, (no, I'm not going to start on that) waited the five years for the 132 totally useless generic URLs to load, untickied all the automatically tickified "inherit from" ticky-boxes and started the loooong slow process of pasting the URLs into the editor. I gave up half way through at the three hour mark.

Honestly I can't be doing with the hassle, I'll just use photobucket for my mood theme and keep my calm.gif, but what I'd like to know is if there will one day be some way of telling ScrapBook that [x] gallery is a mood theme and have it name the files in some sort of running order, preferably with the mood theme file names so I don't have to make the mood theme editor (*headdesk*) break in new and unusual ways ever again? Yes I could tag them, but 130-odd tiny image files get uploaded in a oner even on my bit-of-wet-string internet connection and tagging them all would be almost as big a faff as using the mood theme editor.

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