GoldLeafGoddess (goldleafgoddess) wrote in fotobilder_user,

ackkk!! any help greatly appreciated...

I feel like a total pea-brain here, but I think I accidentally deleted an entire gallery when I was trying to move it to link under my main eBay pics gallery in scrapbook!

This sub-gallery was titled "eBay Print Pics", and it held all the photos in my eBay listings, which are now empty!!!!! Ahhhhhh!

Is there a way to recover this gallery?

Also, I have tried using several of the clients iPhoto uploader, and WebPhotos Pro...the first quits after trying to load more than 1 small pic, and the second I can't get to work, (user stupidity I'm sure) because I can't seem to find the ftp address, and when I create a gallery titled "Live Journal", put in my username and password as suggested, in the "test" run, it brings up an error saying : error: invalid host address...

My main goal is to be able to upload my artwork into scrapbook galleries and do it with a group of related photos at one time. I'd be happy just using the scrapbook upload with 10 images at atime, if you didnt have to enter them in one by one. Tedious when you have 50 pics to upload.

Ok, IF I am unable to recover the gallery:
I have been re-uploading ALL of the jpgs from this gallery from my files, one by one....(I have 18 art prints...about 4 pics in each listing) into a NEW gallery titled "eBay Print Pics"

Will my eBay listings be able to find them?(I'm a newbie, have mercy) or will I have to go back into each listing and place each pic into it again, one by one ?

*ok I'm going to go cry now*
P.S.....I love this place.

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