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While ScrapBook was still in its early stages of development, fotobilder_user was used as a way to communicate bug reports to the development team. Since then, we've started handling ScrapBook questions through our Support system. To provide a more consistent Support experience to everyone who uses ScrapBook, and to make tracking bugs and problems more consistent, we'll be closing fotobilder_user.

If you have any questions about or problems with ScrapBook, please check out our FAQ! If your question isn't addressed there, feel free to open a Support request, and our Support team will help you out.

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Wondering if anyone know anything about the following:
I regulary go away for various events, and use scrapbook as my image host, and so far no problems, everything is in the correct order for what I want (oldest at begining to newest along the line), but, ive been asked to upload photos now from old events, but if I do that, they'll end up on the end of the newest events at the moment, and will get mixed in the middle when I add further galleries later in the year :( Therefor completly messing up the timeline of events if you get what I mean, so wondering if any way to re-order galleries like with pics?

Doesnt seem like anyone has had an answer for it yet in the similar post back in March :(


when i go to manage my gallaries page... no gallaries show up. any ideas of why that might be happening and what can be done to fix it? i have made sure that every gallary is linked to the top level but still when i go to try to edit my gallaries none show up at all... thanks

Rich Text Muddle

I am very frustrated that the entries now default automatically to rich text mode when posting photos from ScrapBook. I tried the work around suggested in a previous entry here and the screen jumps as I am highlighting the line to copy it and eliminates the highlighting. I've tried using the stop button but that does not eliminate the problem.
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Praetorian Guard


Question - Is there something wrong with Scrapbook at this time of me posting this? I can't access it. I'm using Firefox web browser. I was in it earlier but I can't access it as well as my friends.
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Problem with Perl client

Hi All

I'm trying to upload multiple files using the Perl client (I don't have Windows XP). I'm getting an error that says [Error 302] Invalid auth. I have checked my settings in .fotoup.conf and I am sure that my username and password are correct.

Complete command-line output & copy of .fotoup.conf are below. Help appreciated.

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I downloaded the XP publishing tool and am having some issues. I've used a similar tool with my domain host's gallery software forever without any problems, but when I select scrapbook instead of gallery for uploading, it gives me this error:

Checking files...

At this time, only 4 image file formats are supported: .jpg, .gif, .tif, and .png. Please read the Supported Image Formats help topic for more information.

(back) -next- (cancel)

Next is not available, and the only files I am trying to upload are .JPG format. I tried renaming them to .jpg even, and it still gave me the same error. It is really tedious to have to select all my files one at a time for uploading through the web client, so I'd really like to be able to use the publishing tool. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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Hi there, I just started using ScrapBook. I was reading in the "About" section that you can use ScrapBook to make icons out of your images. I would love to make icons, but I'm not allowed to download photoshop or anything similar onto my computer(family computer, parent's rules). Could somebody tell me, do I need photoediting software to make icons with ScrapBook? If I not, how do I do it? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Preferred Scrapbook Scheme as an Option, please?

i'd like to turn my Scrapbook into Dystopia's scheme. i really, REALLY hate XColibur and haven't used it since they changed it over. so, at the very least, thank you for allowing me to choose my Scheme for my regular journal, now please allow me to maneuver through Scrapbook the same way. i find the setup to be limiting and i have a tendency to move away from the menu and it disappears. i'm sure there are a few other users with the same annoying problem.

thanks for listening!
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